About The Course

The post-graduate course in law is aimed at providing advanced education and training to law graduates. The curriculum is diligently designed to cater to the needs of the students. Currently, School of Law is running LL.M. One Year Course with specialization of ‘Constitutional and Administrative Law’


We're the first to admit it: Learning the law is not easy. You have to sharpen a range of skills, including analysis, writing, and persuasion. You also have to learn a canon of precedents, concepts, theories, and procedures. As a strong academic community, committed to our students, we have designed curricula that produce broadly educated lawyer with strong Constitutional background and we have developed an approach to teaching the law that is both challenging and supportive in compliance with the recommendations and guidelines of Bar Council of India.


  • Provide an academically rich atmosphere to the students so as to enable them to gather deeper insight into specific field of law.
  • Prepare the students for academic and research field as well as to foster the professional needs of a law graduate.

Eligibility for LL.M. Program

Admission to LL.M. Program is open to a student who holds a LL.B. degree of 3 years duration with minimum 50% marks from a recognized University. For admission in LL.M. One year program, a student shall have relevant experience of minimum 3 years after LL.B.

Fee for LL.M. Program


University Fee

University International Fee

Tuition Fees (Per Annum)

INR 1,00,000/-

USD 3500

Security Deposit

INR 10,000/-

USD 1000

Processing Charges

INR 1,100/-

USD 1000

Boarding & Lodging Charges

Room Type

Triple Accommodation

Double Accommodation

Single Accommodation










All The following Scholarships are available for Students: More Detail

Adarsh Vidyadhan Samman Scholarships

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for Girl Candidates, and Candidates from the North Eastern states.

Chancellor’s Scholarships

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for Alumni applying for admission in Shobhit University programs 2019.

Academic Merit Based Scholarship Scheme

  • 75 - 80% marks in qualifying exam: Equal to 25% of Tuition Fee
  • 81 - 85% marks in qualifying exam: Equal to 50% of Tuition Fee
  • 86 - 90% marks in qualifying exam: Equal to 75% of Tuition Fee
  • > 90% marks in qualifying exam: Equal to 100% of Tuition Fee